There is no GOD! Mr.Box Office is Back!

For a minute I really did believe that Mr.Box Office was cancelled! Guess what? It has not been cancelled! A new season of Mr.Box Office is currently in production as we speak! Seriously! Visit the official facebook page! This show is so bad that it is used to torture people into confessing to crimes that they did not commit. Prisons are also using it to kill death row inmates in a peaceful and humane manner. This show is so bad that Arsenio Hall refuses to make a guest appearance on it. So what does that tell you! Someone needs to create an online petition to have this show removed from the airwaves! I will gladly sign it and ask some of my friends to sign it in blood! If you are an up and coming actor or actress and appear on this show, you are committing career suicide! Before appearing on this show, give it some thought. I heard a rumor that Byron Allen is paying extras and guest actors in microwaveable TV dinners and twelve packs of Great Value soda. Is it really worth it? Again think about it!


A Commentary/Review of Mr.Box Office!

Where do I begin? the very first time I viewed this show was about four months ago on the local CW channel. I was at home on a Saturday afternoon without a single thing to do. So watching the TV is what I decided to do. After going through about 30 channels of mindless garbage, a show starring Bill Bellamy and Jon Lovitz appears on my LG flatscreen. Jon Lovitz and Bill Bellamy together on a show? Weird was the first word that came to my mind. So I proceeded to view the next 10 minutes of the show alone, without anybody else in the room. Oh boy did I regret doing this! This was not TV viewing, this was eye and ear torture! Everything from the acting to the fake audience laughter was bad, or should I say terrible! What really shocked me about this lousy show, is that Tim Meadows and comedian Jeff Garcia are regular cast members. These two guys should be acting in comedy movies, not Mr.Crapper Office. To be honest, this show should not be on the air or on any DVR boxes in your home.

According to various news reports, the cable channel BET has entered into a contract with Byron Allen. BET’s subchannel Centric will air all 90 to 100 episodes of Mr.Box Office. As far as I know, Centric is already airing episodes of Mr.Box Office, and will continue to torture the public up until the year 2030. Let us all hope that each and every episode is destroyed in a fire or a severe tornado storm. ┬áThe show really is that bad, if you do not believe me watch an episode online or on your local CW channel. Or if you have the Centric channel, you can watch a few episodes for yourself. Mr.Allen you should be ashamed of yourself for producing such an abomination of a show. You really do suck! Peace!