mike diserio

Mike DiSerio and Me! (Crappy 2007 Story)

Around mid 2007 I was jogging at Ascarate Park and enjoying the rancid smell of duck crap along with algae and garbage. As mile number two was approaching, a KFOX van catches my eye. Standing outside of that van was Mike DiSerio and his cameraman Mr.Persistent. After jogging a mile, Mike DiSerio starts walking towards me and gives me the impression that he wants to ask me a question. When Mike and I lock eyes (no homo) he turns away and stands behind the van. “What the f**k did I just witness?” I told myself. It was so odd to see a reporter do that. Usually a reporter or his camera jockey will ask you to give a statement about a topic. It was almost as if he was afraid to ask me a question. Weird is all I have to say.