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Colin Carroll is in love with Jenna Farrey!



I decided to watch the KVIA news at 10 last night out of sheer boredom. Well as I was watching this spectacular newscast, KVIA’s own Buddy Holly impersonator was covering the arrival/booking of alleged kid killer Jenna Farrey. After covering the arrival/booking, Mr.Holly made an odd statement in his report about Jenna Farrey. And I quote “Farrey smelled as if she hadn’t taken a shower in a day or two!” Who gives a f**k about the way she smells or doesn’t smell? How is this relevant to the story? Why would Collin Carroll care about Jenna Farrey’s scent or musk? The only conclusion that I could arrive at, is that he probably likes Jenna Farrey and her smelly snatch. The only time a guy cares about the way a woman smells is when he likes her or is going down on her. That is it! All I have to say about Colin Carroll is that he is one sick son of a b***h.

Another thing, stop wearing those thick black 1950s glasses! You look like Buddy Holly’s younger retarded brother, Douchey Holly! KVIA already has a 1950s throwback in Matt Daughtery. You are not witty or even slightly intelligent. You are a snake reporter that is trying to build a resume filled with cliche after cliche, and lame attempts at being humorous/serious.


Jorge Torres was arrested!


Photo of Jorge Torres drinking and acting like a moron in public.


KVIA weather midget/bore Jorge Torres was arrested on Sunday night or early Monday morning for drinking like a fish, and acting like a fool in public. He is not the first KVIA employee to be arrested. Does anybody remember the time when Celina Avila was arrested in early 2007? If you do not, then head on over to TheKidzcomments.blogspot.com! One more thing that I would like to add is this, Jorge you need to learn how to become a responsible drinker. What if Mr.Midget Torres had entered his own vehicle, instead of a taxi? He could have possibly hurt himself or other people around him. Hell, instead of hurting someone, he could have actually killed himself or somebody else! So please drink responsibly!