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KVIA EMail Exposed!

KVIA Emails Revealed!
I received these email messages a few days ago. Enjoy them!

From:Stephanie Valle <ANOREXICDIVA@kvia.com>
To:Karla Huelga <REDPUBESAREHOT@kvia.com>

Hey Karla, when do you want to have a vomit session? I cannot believe that I ate two carrot sticks and a slice of bread! I feel like such a pig for eating so much food! I need to expel all of this junk food ASAP! Meet me at the bathroom at 12:00 PM sharp!


From Rick Cabrera <BALDINGPEARSHAPEDHEAD@kvia.com>
To Nichole Gomez <HOTBUNZ@kvia.com>

Hey Nicki, I have to profess my lus…. I mean love for you right now! Is it not obvious to you and every viewer in El Crappo and in Las Cacas that I love you more than my job! How about you dump that tax write-off Randy Culpepper and become my wife! Your name would sound so much better as Nichole Gomez Culpepper Cabrera II.


From:Estella Casas <HOTGRANDMA@kvia.com>
To:Kevin Lowell <SKINNYDORK@kvia.com>

Hey jerk off, if you do not increase my pay, I will force you to listen to a demo tape that I made in the 1980s! It features covers of Billy Ocean and Peter Cetera songs! The last track features my Mommy! She does an acapella version of “Relax” from Frankie Does Hollywood! It is so bad that it will make your ears bleed for days!


From:Collin Carroll <HOWDYDOODYGINGER@kvia.com)
To:Kevin Lowell <SKINNYDORK@kvia.com>

Hey man, you should have given me Asher Wildman’s position! You know damn well that the position belonged to me and not Screwy Del Rio! Just for that I am going to mail my red ass hairs to you and every member in your family! Take that you skinny dork!


To:Josie Ortegon <INEEDTOLEARNHOWTOREAD@kvia.com>
From:Luke Lyddon <NEWSSTUD@kvia.com>

Hey Josie my Latin delight, how about you come over tonight and I tutor you on how to read correctly! That sounds like fun right?


From:Krystal Klei <INEEDSUNLIGHT@kvia.com>
To:Bob Harp <ILOOKSICKLY@kvia.com>

Hey Bob! You and I should go out and get a tan! Everybody and their mom keeps on telling me that I am so pale that they can see right through my body!


From:Denise Olivas <ANYONECANDOMYJOB@kvia.com>
To:Kevin Lowell <SKINNYDORK@kvia.com>

Please Kevin do not fire me! I need my job! If you do fire me, I will release that picture of you and Dan Rather wrestling naked in Mexico! I know that I am horrible at what I do, but that does not give you the right to fire me and then hire a Chimpanzee to take my place! Remember I can damage you!


From:Darren Hunt <DEGENERATEGAMBLER@kvia.com>
To:Kevin Lowell <SKINNYDORK@kvia.com>

Hey Kev! I just want to let you know that I am quitting my job next week! I am finally going to work for the Chihuauas! After reviewing my crappy resume, they finally decided to give me a job as a mascot! Hey I know that it is not the job that I wanted, but hey at least I am working for the best team in the Southwest! I will catch you later, I have to visit the Sunland Park race track and spend my fifty dollar pay check! Tomorrow Chuck Debroder and I will visit TItle Loans! We are going to use our loans to make stupid bets online! Toodles!


Louie Del Rio is……………………..

One annoying mofo! Has anybody seen this guy do a sports segment? As God is my witness, this dork cannot remain still for ten seconds! He has a tendency to move around a lot like a fish out of water! Seriously! He keeps on moving his upper body from side to side, and it also appears that he his fidgeting with papers or his crotch! Is this guy on speed or is he just nervous? Oh another thing that I noticed is that his face has a red flushed appearance. So maybe he is on something? Who knows? You be the judge! Anyway, Collin Carroll should have been given the weekday sports position, not this nervous thirty something with a teeny bopper hairdo! As much as Collin’s news reports annoy me, he is a better sports anchor/sports reporter than Louie “Speed Head” Del Rio! I honestly thought that Collin would be given Asher’s old position. Well I should not get worked up over this guy and neither should you! He will probably spend a year or less here, and will eventually get a position in Miami as Tony Montana’s supply tester! Peace!

Nichole Gomez and her Talents are being Squandered on doing the Stupid Weather!

I said it! Nichole has so much potential that it is not even funny! She has half the credentials and experience that her fellow co-workers have and she does a better job at reporting than most of them! If KVIA were to drop Stephanie Valle as the lead anchor for the CW News at 9 and replace her with Nichole, I would watch again! Or better yet, why not drop Denise Olivas from the midday show, and place Nichole in her seat! I swear that most people at KVIA have their heads up their asses! Reflecting on her time spent at KDBC aka KTSM, Nichole executed a few excellent reports/stories during her three to four year stint. It really is a shame that Nichole has been relagated to doing the weather and filling in for Doppler Dong or for Red Headed Monster Karla Smellga!

Colin Carroll is in love with Jenna Farrey!



I decided to watch the KVIA news at 10 last night out of sheer boredom. Well as I was watching this spectacular newscast, KVIA’s own Buddy Holly impersonator was covering the arrival/booking of alleged kid killer Jenna Farrey. After covering the arrival/booking, Mr.Holly made an odd statement in his report about Jenna Farrey. And I quote “Farrey smelled as if she hadn’t taken a shower in a day or two!” Who gives a f**k about the way she smells or doesn’t smell? How is this relevant to the story? Why would Collin Carroll care about Jenna Farrey’s scent or musk? The only conclusion that I could arrive at, is that he probably likes Jenna Farrey and her smelly snatch. The only time a guy cares about the way a woman smells is when he likes her or is going down on her. That is it! All I have to say about Colin Carroll is that he is one sick son of a b***h.

Another thing, stop wearing those thick black 1950s glasses! You look like Buddy Holly’s younger retarded brother, Douchey Holly! KVIA already has a 1950s throwback in Matt Daughtery. You are not witty or even slightly intelligent. You are a snake reporter that is trying to build a resume filled with cliche after cliche, and lame attempts at being humorous/serious.

Jorge Torres was arrested!


Photo of Jorge Torres drinking and acting like a moron in public.


KVIA weather midget/bore Jorge Torres was arrested on Sunday night or early Monday morning for drinking like a fish, and acting like a fool in public. He is not the first KVIA employee to be arrested. Does anybody remember the time when Celina Avila was arrested in early 2007? If you do not, then head on over to TheKidzcomments.blogspot.com! One more thing that I would like to add is this, Jorge you need to learn how to become a responsible drinker. What if Mr.Midget Torres had entered his own vehicle, instead of a taxi? He could have possibly hurt himself or other people around him. Hell, instead of hurting someone, he could have actually killed himself or somebody else! So please drink responsibly!

Memories of KVIA Channel 7:Ty Shesky and Myrna Membrilla (December 2003)

As far back as I can remember, a lot of people have entered and exited the doors of KVIA Channel 7 for the longest of time. Two people that I remember very well are Ty Shesky and Myrna Membrilla. Why I remember them so very well is beyond me. Well, sometime around late 2003, Estella Casas took maternity leave to have her 90th child. Her fill in was the super pale but cute, Myrna Membrilla. Well, one night in late December of 2003, Myrna was anchoring the 10pm newscast, and Ty Shesky was doing the weather. Close to the end of that newscast, Myrna Membrilla looked directly at Ty Shesky, and tried to engage him in a conversation. If anybody remembers Ty, he was a huge awkward super dorky guy. It was very close to Christmas time, and Myrna asked Ty if he would accompany her on a Christmas shopping trip. Ty’s response was unforgettable and hilarious. This is his response verbatim, “Christmas shopping? No, no thank you, I already have¬† a girlfriend.” The funny thing is that Myrna was just making small talk, and Ty thought she was being serious. You have to see the video of their interaction. It is hilarious. Me writing about it, does not do it any justice. If you happen to stumble upon this video, upload it to YouTube! Please! Imagine Ty Shesky and Myrna Membrilla dating?¬† Peace!

Whatever happened to Cesar Rodriguez of KVIA?

Does anybody remember Cesar Rodriguez? If you have been a viewer of the KVIA news for at least five years, then you know as to who I am speaking of. Cesar was an anchor/reporter from 2010 to early 2011. For whatever reason, Cesar disappeared from KVIA, and was never heard from again. So what happened to Cesar? Was he deported to Mexico? Did aliens take him to outer space? What happened to this guy? I need some info!