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Questions and Answers for the month of December 2014!

1.Where is Bob Harp?

Bob Harp is anchoring the CW News at 9 PM. I apologize, it is now known as the KVIA News at 9. What was hilarious during the first few weeks of Bob anchoring was his constant reminders of how him and Nichole are still young! If you have to remind the public that you are young, then you are not really young at all. Once you hit 25, you are considered an old fart. For the record, Nichole is 33 or 34 and Bob is well into his late 30s. SO you are not young anymore! Just worry about the news and the weather instead of your age! Okay!

2.Is it True that Shelton Dodson won a Peabody award?


We made a mistake! At least we admit that we make mistakes! Anyway, Shelton did receive an award from the New Mexico Broadcasters Association! Shelton received an Excellence in Broadcasting award for Metro Market Reporter for 2007. We apologize for this mistake! To view the full list of recipients for 2007, visit the website below!


As far as I know, he never won a Peabody. I read Shelton’s bio on the new KDBC website and I also noticed the mention of a Peabody award. As of a month ago that claim has been removed from his bio. Supposedly he also won an award for Best Anchor or Reporter of the year in New Mexico? I cannot recall him ever receiving an award or being nominated by the New Mexico Broadcasters Association. If he did receive an award it was probably for having an ego larger than Texass!

3. Where was Cristina Rodda hiding?

Umm? She was working for KOB or KRQE news in ABQ from 2010 to 2011. She then took a job with the New Mexico Department of Corrections as a PR rep. Cristina quit her job or was fired, and worked in Las Vegas for some news station as a weekend anchor/reporter. She has now rotated back to El Paso and is currently boring the s**t out of each and every KTSM morning news viewer.

4.What happened to Melissa Gunderson?
She left KFOX a few weeks ago to pursue a real career in journalism! Chrisdeeman Uribe has now filled that position with her crappy hair extensions, five pounds of makeup, and stupid giggles/laughs! Enjoy viewing the Social News segment and traffic reports suckers!

5. Do you consider local news anchors and reporters celebrities?

6.Are you done criticizing the local news stations?
No. If you ask me questions about local newsheads, I will respond truthfully and will always include a few jabs. As far as writing full posts about local newsheads, me and my crew are done with that!

7.Why did KVIA screw Denise Olivas over?

You know Denise might not be the best anchor or reporter that KVIA has in their lineup. But she is more pleasant than Stephanie (Lollipop) Valle. Ever since Steph lost half of her body weight, she has developed an over confident personality. Anyway, Denise’s problem is that she still suffers from camera anxiety and shyness. One would think that after working for five years behind and in front of a camera she would have overcome her fears/anxiety. If Denise were to take a Valium, she could probably put Steph to shame!

8.Where the f**k is Louie Del Rio half the time?
Your guess is as good as mine! I am telling you that Louie hates this city more than going a day without his wiggle around like an idiot juice! This mofo probably spends his off days drinking 50 cups of black coffee.

9.Have you ever seen any local newsheads without their makeup?
Yes.Stephanie Valle without makeup looks nothing like Stephanie Valle. She wears fake eye lashes BRO! Josie (H.O.P.) Ortegon looks great without makeup. Seriously, I am not being sarcastic. Adrienne Alvarez looks good without makeup.Then again when you are kicking man ass all over New Mexico and Texas, makeup tends to get in the way of your ass kicking. A few years ago, I ran into Jackie Crea and I had no clue that it was Jackie Crea! Her face can pretty much be found in a makeup bag! For a minute I thought I was talking to a dude. Denise Olivas looks okay without makeup. Who else? I will try to recall some others at a later date. If a chick needs to wear fake lashes, tons of makeup, and a push up bra, then she is not a natural or shall I say a true beauty.

10.Why are you and your crew haters?
We are not haters! We are comedians! Peace and love from a dove up above!

11.Did Nichole Gomez have implants installed?
You know I am not sure. She either purchased a padded push up bra or she had implants shoved into her chest. You would have to ask her or her best bud Stephanie Valle that question.

Anoushah Rasta’s Sarcastic Humor goes over Monica Cortez head!

A few weeks ago Anoushah Rasta was filling in for Adrienne Alvarez and Keagan Marsha. Monica Cortez was filling in for Chuck DeBoner. Great. Well toward the end of a 5:30 cast, Rasta decided to have a small conversation with Cortez about some huge jackpot lottery. Rasta makes a suggestion to Cortez about purchasing an elephant, and how she would look great on top of it! It was obvious to not only me, but every other viewer that Anoushah was just being a sarcastic butt pipe with Monica. So what was up Anoushah’s butt that day? Was she annoyed by Monica’s presence? Or was she upset over Jackie Crea moving to a larger market? Who knows?

Christina Guerrero needs to Proofread her work!

Ms.Guerrero, you need to proofread your work before you post it on the KTSM website. I have found numerous mistakes in your work. The most common mistakes that you have made are grammar and spelling mistakes. Just recently, you posted a story on a man that lost his home to a fire in central El Paso. The title of your story read like this,”One Person Displayed after a Duplex catches Fire.” I believe that the correct and proper word is displaced, not displayed. How was this man displayed? Was he displayed with some Christmas lighting and ornaments? Get it together!

Who is Managing KTSM?

Who is the highly intelligent individual that placed Dan O’Rourke and Jackie Crea on the weekends? Dan O’Rourke should have been paired with Amber Downing for the weekday newscast. Adrienne Alvarez and the New Guy should have been placed on the weekends. What else can I say! Just because a person is young and hot, does not necessarily mean that you are going to increase viewership! The only thing that I like about Adrienne is that she is a good looking woman, other than that, she is annoying. It sounds as if someone placed a clothespin on her nose. Can somebody please give her about two tablespoons of allergy medication! She needs to do something about her nasal problems or allergies! Jackie Crea and Alexa Helms need to host 6:30-7:00 p.m. portion of the news. They can call it 30 Minutes with two hot chicks! KTSM really needs to re-evaluate this current arrangement that they created. If KTSM truly believes that this is a good thing, then they are sadly mistaken. No wonder KVIA is kicking KTSM’s ass!