The New KDBC CBS 4!

All I have to say about KDBC CBS 4 is that is a carbon copy of KFOX TV 14! These two stations are operating independently of each other? Give me a huge break across my nappy head with a baseball bat! If you do not believe me all you have to do is record the 10 PM KDBC broadcast and compare it to the 9 PM KFOX broadcast! As I previously stated in my post “Remembering the KDBC 4 Dream Team”, KDBC should no longer exist! It should have faded into history along with bell bottom pants and mood rings! What a shame! I had so much hope for this “new” KDBC 4! Good Night everyone!

Robin Roberts and her Coming Out of the Closet!

I really am proud of Robin coming out of the closet after so many years. Now here is my question, when will other local and national news anchors and reporters follow suit? There are so many news holes in the closet that it is not funny anymore! What news stations really need is a flamboyantly gay anchor or reporter. Someone so gay that even Liberache would look like Arnold Schwarznegger in comparison. If more stations were to do this, you know and I know that ratings would reach an all time high! Anyway here is a list of anchors and reporters that I suspect are gay.

National News:

Linsey Davis

Brandi Hitt

Hoda Kotb

Lisa Myers

Willie Geist

Gayle King(Oprah’s Lover)

Suzanne Malveaux

New GMA Weekend Weather Guy(Not Sam Champion, we all knew he was gay eons ago!)

Local News:

Coming Soon!

Remembering the KDBC Channel 4 Dream Team (2004)

???????????KDBC 4 2004 (From LtoR, Robert Bettes,Nichole Ayoub,Shelton Dodson, and Jaime Apody)

It might be hard to believe, but KDBC did not have a local newscast for about two years. The 5:00 am, 6:00 pm, and 10 pm slots were replaced with a CNN feed. A CNN feed? Yes sir! Can anyone recall as to why this happened? Anyway, it was announced sometime around the Spring of 2004 that local newscasts were set to return to KDBC with a few familiar faces. So who were these familiar faces? Roy Ortega? Binky the Clown? Billy Dee Williams? Nope! The familiar faces were Nichole Ayoub, Robert Bettes, and Shelton Dodson. One thing that these familiar faces had in common was that they were ex-KVIA employees. The only person that I was somewhat excited to see was Robert Bettes. Robert Bettes was the only reason as to why I would watch KVIA as a kid. As far as sports were concerned, Jaime Apody was given the task of covering and reporting on the topic.

It was in May of 2004 that KDBC premiered the fresh and new KDBC 4 newscast and studio set. My initial response to watching the first newscast was “What is up with the lighting in that studio?” Every single newscast had a very dark appearance. It appeared as if they were broadcasting out of a cave or from Batman’s lair. Nichole Ayoub and Shelton Dodson were the 6 pm and 10 pm anchors along with Robert Bettes doing weather duty. Reflecting on KDBC’s premier almost ten years later, I realized that Shelton Dodson never wanted to work for KDBC or even return to El Paso. Every single newscast featured Mr.Dodson with a sour/angry look on his face. Was his angry look due to the fact that he had to work with his ex girlfriend Nichole Ayoub? Or was he upset over leaving beautiful New Mexico for El Paso? Shelton eventually left after five months on the job, and took a job with KOB or KOAT of Albuquerque. After Shelton’s departure, Nichole was the sole anchor for the 6pm and 10pm newscasts up until early 2006. Shelton’s replacement was another angry and bitter man by the name of Jesse Blanco. So what was my overall impression of KDBC news from 2004 to 2006? Umm. It was only entertaining for the mere fact that Robert Bettes was present. Seeing him irritate Shelton and Jesse Blanco always made my day. The current KDBC 4 is nothing more than a carbon copy of KTSM channel 9. The best thing for KDBC would have been to let the channel slowly fade away and become a memory of what used to be an awesome station. Peace!