Collin carroll

Colin Carroll is in love with Jenna Farrey!



I decided to watch the KVIA news at 10 last night out of sheer boredom. Well as I was watching this spectacular newscast, KVIA’s own Buddy Holly impersonator was covering the arrival/booking of alleged kid killer Jenna Farrey. After covering the arrival/booking, Mr.Holly made an odd statement in his report about Jenna Farrey. And I quote “Farrey smelled as if she hadn’t taken a shower in a day or two!” Who gives a f**k about the way she smells or doesn’t smell? How is this relevant to the story? Why would Collin Carroll care about Jenna Farrey’s scent or musk? The only conclusion that I could arrive at, is that he probably likes Jenna Farrey and her smelly snatch. The only time a guy cares about the way a woman smells is when he likes her or is going down on her. That is it! All I have to say about Colin Carroll is that he is one sick son of a b***h.

Another thing, stop wearing those thick black 1950s glasses! You look like Buddy Holly’s younger retarded brother, Douchey Holly! KVIA already has a 1950s throwback in Matt Daughtery. You are not witty or even slightly intelligent. You are a snake reporter that is trying to build a resume filled with cliche after cliche, and lame attempts at being humorous/serious.