Shelton Dodson is full of Poo Doo!

Has anyone seen the new News 4 promo that has been airing for the past week? If you have yet to see it, let me summarize it for you! Shelton is asked a question about KDBC 4.The question is “What happened to KDBC 4?” Shelton’s response is that KDBC 4 fell off in the late 1980s? Are you serious? How would Shelton know that? As far as I know he was still living in New Mexico. But what is hilarious to me is that this ego maniac took a job with KDBC in 2004! (I thought KDBC fell off in the 80s? I guess since Shelton was present it never fell off!) So when did KDBC turn into a second rate station? Once the late 90s arrived, KDBC started having problems. These problems were caused by poor management, and not by a lack of resources like Patricia Maese stated in her promo. Bad management and anchors/reporters with ego problems are what caused the downfall of KDBC4. It is as simple as that.


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