Stephanie Guadian gives Bad Advice!

A few years ago a Las Cruces restaurant was recommended by Stephanie Guadian. The name of that restaurant is Nellie’s! Oh boy do I regret visiting this restaurant! As everybody in Las Cacas knows, you have to wait to be seated. Now you are probably thinking to yourself, what is wrong with waiting? Well I have no problem with waiting for a table. The wait for a table at Nellie’s can be anywhere from 30 minutes to one whole hour! After waiting for an hour on a Saturday afternoon,my pops and I were given a table.Upon entering this establishment, we noticed that this place was the size of our house! This restaurant is small! Better yet this restaurant is very small. So be prepared to bump elbows with other patrons every ten minutes or so. Appetizers that are served are chile in a small bowl and salty/oily chips. My pops ordered enchiladas, and my nappy headed ass ordered a red or should I say chile colorado burrito. My pops felt that his meal lacked flavor. According to him he was eating tortillas with old shredded cheese. Now all I have to say about my meal is that it definitely lacked flavor. All I could taste was a slightly burned tortilla and chewy chunks of flavorless meat. For a minute I felt like a dog eating Gravy Train canned dog food. All it takes for me to remove a restaurant from my to visit list is one bad first visit (I guess first impressions really are important). Other people have told me to try other menu items and give Nellie’s another chance. I might return in the future. Who knows! When it comes to satisfying my urge for Mexican cuisine in LC, I make a trip to Roberto’s. So Stephanie did Nellie’s pay you to make positive comments about their grub? If they did, how much did they pay you? Or are you related to the owner or manager? Let me know!


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