The Idea that Hispanic People Should Always support Fellow Hispanics…………….

In everything they do even though what they are doing is absurd or silly is disturbing to EVERY member of The City Workshop! Take for example the ABC TV show Cristela. Everybody in the Southwest has told us that this show is hilarious, and that we need to watch it for the mere fact that we are Hispanic! WTF! So upon hearing this recommendation, we decided to watch Cristela aka Crappella for two weeks in a row. Guess what! This show did not make any of us laugh even once! The show is full or should I say filled with stupid stereotypes, canned audience laughter, and a lot of bad acting! The only one that is turning in a decent performance is Fluffy aka Gabriel Iglesias.The only thing that we could agree on is that Gabriel Iglesias needs his own TV show, but on a cable network like HBO or Showtime. When watching Cristela we had flashbacks about The George Lopez show. Everybody and their mother said the same thing about the George Lopez show! We watched and realized that the show was about as funny as the Holocaust. Forgive us for saying this, Cristela is not funny, and we are not going to support it! Even though we are Hispanic.

Here is another example! Eddie Holguin! Lets be honest here! Eddie Holguin embarrassed the City of El Paso. He really did! With his bargain bin Christmas lights and two dollar security, he made El Paso look like a town full of cheap asses! When the bargain bin light fiasco occurred, we remember hearing people say “Hey you should support Eddie! He is Mexican American!” (WTF! I thought we were all American!) Anyway, our response to this was ” We should support him because he is Mexican American? Are you serious? Did you support Richard Ramirez when he was killing people in California? He was Hispanic or should I say Mexican American!” This whole idea of Hispanic people supporting other Hispanic people in everything they do just because they are Hispanic is stupid/silly! How about we support any human being that is doing something positive regardless of his or her skin color or ethnicity!


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