Writer’s Block has struck The City Workshop!

Here at The City Workshop, we have developed Writer’s Block! It can be attributed to the fact that we no longer care about the local or national media. Seriously! How many times can you write about this anchor or that reporter, and the stories/reports that are filled with inaccuracies? Actually, we have yet to write about any reports or stories that are filled with half truths or lies. That is one thing that we should have done. Actually we wrote a few entries, but decided to scrap them. They were long and a bit on the boring side. So as far as anchors, reporters, and weather heads are concerned, we will no longer write or criticize them on this site. Instead, we will create parody videos and cartoons of them, and upload them to Youtube. I am sure that you are thinking to yourself, why are you doing this? Writing about your favorite anchor/reporter just became old to us. We will now focus our attention on actual news stories, Hollywood d-bags, and d-bags that hold powerful positions. Every now and then we will present a few true stories like we always have in the past and present.


We have one more entry that we are working on, it will be the last and final entry related to news anchors and reporters. It should be posted before Tuesday. If you have questions about an anchor, reporter, or a news station, I will be more than happy to answer them. Well, take care everyone, and never give up on your dreams or goals!





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