Questions for the month of July!

Why did Amber Downing leave KDBC aka KTSM?

Umm? Amber left for bigger and better opportunities. Amber never intended to spend more than three years here. 

What do you think of Luke Lyddon or whatever his name is?

Mr.Lyddon seems like a decent fellow with a firm grasp of what it takes to be a good anchor/reporter. But, I do sense that he is not happy here. I believe that he will stay here for no more than one year.

What happened to Nichole Ayoub?

Who really knows for sure? I have heard a few rumors since her departure. Are any of them true? I do not know. 

Do you think that the ratings for the KTSM morning show will decline since Mark Mathis is long gone?

Yes. I do see the numbers declining within the next few months. Monica Cortez seems like a down to earth person, but she is more boring than a Pastor Tom Brown sermon!



  1. I’m actually watching the weather now since mark mathis and his annoying voice & comments have exited the building! Good move.

    1. I have to admit that Mark’s routine was becoming old, but he actually made the weather interesting and downright enjoyable! With Monica, I feel like turning off my TV and taking a nap!

      1. I agree. I’ve given it a try without Mark and it just bores me to tears…I can’t watch it anymore.

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