Arsenio Hall was Cancelled for a Reason!

As I stated in a previous post, Arsenio Hall and his horrible show was slated for cancellation before May of this year. The ratings increased slightly so naturally he was given a few months to improve the show. The show never improved and was eventually placed in a trash can along with Lopez Tonight. Race had nothing to do with Arsenio’s cancellation. The ratings were bad and that is the truth! (Why CBS refuses to tell the turth is beyond me.) From asking his guests poor or shall I say bad questions to always having a nervous look on his face, The Arsenio Hall Show had cancelled written all over it. This might be hard to believe, but I actually viewed five episodes during the fall of 2013. It really was a struggle viewing five entire episodes! While watching these episodes the only thing that I could think of was “Arsenio does not look comfortable at all, and he has the interviewing skills of a corpse!” After those five painful episodes, I realized that Arsenio should never have made a return to television. Other people have told me that Arsenio was an excellent interviewer during the original run of his first show. Okay. So once I heard that, I viewed a few episodes of his first show on Youtube. How his show survived back then is flabbergasting! What Arsenio executed on his original show was ass kissing, not properly interviewing a guest. If Arsenio is given another chance, hopefully it will be behind the scenes or in a closet without a camera or lighting!


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