Amateur MMA Fighter Joe Torrez Arrested for driving on a Suspended license!

On Thursday May 22, amateur fighter/throat cutter Joe Torrez was arrested for driving with a suspended license. According to the arresting officer Mr.Torrez reason for speeding was to slit the throat of another person that was “breaking” into a family member’s house. The officer obviously knew that Mr.Torrez was joking. After joking with Mr.Torrez about kicking ass and slitting throats, officer anonymous performed a check on Mr.Torrez. The arresting officer soon realized that Mr.Torrez license was suspended for child support issues. Before his arrest Officer Anonymous asked Torrez as to why he is a deadbeat dad. Mr.Torrez response was “Hey man, slitting throats and pretending to be a real MMA fighter does not pay jack shit ese!” Officer Anonymous response was “Maybe you should work for APD!” To which Mr.Torrez replied “Maybe I will!” Torrez was booked into the Dona Ana County Jail. Mr.Torrez bailed out a few hours later. 


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