KRWG 22 News F’up!

I usually critique local news and national news heads, but this time I have to make a comment on a NMSU/KRWG student. On the last day of KRWG’s newscast, Veronika Baacke read a story related to Cheech Marin’s art exhibit. What astonished me was how she pronounced Mr.Marin’s name! Chee Mari! Who in the blue hell is Chee Mari? Is that name really hard to pronounce for a person who speaks two languages which are Spanish and English. Why Ms.Baacke made the decision to study broadcast journalism is beyond my comprehension! For the past two years I realized that she cannot read English very well, so this leads me to believe that Spanish is her first language. If that is the case,then her best bet is to work for a Spanish language station. What else can I say?


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