Leo’s Mexican Food:A favorite hangout spot for local news heads!

There was a point in time when you could find me at Leo’s at least once a month. Sometime around early 2008, Leo’s Mexican Food and I parted ways. The food was no longer edible and the service slowly became terrible. But one thing that can be said about the westside location is that local newsheads frequented this location for many years. A lot of KVIA and KFOX TV anchors and reporters could be spotted entering and exiting Leo’s. Amber Sullins, Celina Avila, Chuck DeBroder, and Sandra Diaz are a few names that come to mind when recalling all of the newsheads that ate at this once great establishment. The first time I saw Sandra Diaz at Leo’s, she was eating with her girlfriend. What made me laugh about that visit was that they hardly ate anything from their plates. That right there tells you that the quality of the food was declining at a fast rate. On Celina Avila’s visit, she just ordered a drink or two. What was it that she consumed? Your guess is as good as mine. So do newsheads still frequent the westside Leo’s? I have no clue! Probably so, and if that is the case then they have bad taste in food or they are missing taste buds!


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