Felipa Solis and McDonald’s!

imageThe very first time I saw Felipa Solis in person was in the Spring of 2003. It had to have been sometime around early March. If my mind serves me correctly, I was in town to visit my parents for the weekend. When I arrived on the westside of town, the urge to eat McDonald’s entered my mind, body, and soul! My body was in dire need of junk food! So I visited the McDonald’s on North Mesa. Upon entering, the first person that I see standing in line is Felipa Solis. She is standing with a fairly young man that can only be her son or grandson. She was probably the second or third person standing in line. As Felipa is approaching the counter she starts raising her voice towards her son/grandson. “What is wrong with you? This is a McDonald’s! Why are you having such a hard time making a decision?” Her grandson eventually ordered a Happy Meal and an extra cheeseburger. It is safe to assume that Felipa might have been on the rag. Who knows for sure? When you are a young man sometimes it can be hard to choose an item on a McDonald’s menu. Every item on that menu is tasty and satisfying! If you were expecting a huge dramatic story, then I apologize for not giving you that.


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