Questions for the month of April!



1.Is Bob Harp sick?
I have no idea as to whether Mr.Harp is sick or not. But judging from his appearence, I would assume that he might be suffering from some sort of ailment. Has anyone noticed his frequent use of tinted glasses? It apppears as if he is trying to hide sickly looking eyes. Another thing that I have noticed about him is that he is losing weight just like Stephanie Valle, but at a slower rate.
2.Is Stephanie Valle sick?
Well……… yes and no. As I previously stated in a post about a year ago, it seems to me that everyone has jumped on a weight loss bandwagon. I am not really sure as to why though. Almost every female anchor and reporter is thin or bordering on thin. Now Stephanie Valle is just trying to look like a lollipop with a stick for a body and a huge head. It seems to me that she might no longer have this weight loss situaiton under control. There is a possiblity that she might be dealing with anorexia now. What I am trying to figure out is why is she doing this? Are things not going well at home or is she trying to compete with Nichole Gomez? You be the judge!
3.Do you have any compromising photos of any news heads?
4.Do you like the Chihuauas and the new ball park?
As I stated in a previous posting, the Chihuauas will be the future Diablos in about ten to fifteen years. Attendance will be very high for the first few years of operation, and then those numbers will decline overtime. Then most trendy/finicky El Pasoans will complain about the team, and make comments about how watching paint dry is more entertaining. Once they are done criticizing the team, they will go on to criticize the park each and every day. I am telling you right now, this is going to happen.


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