Josie Ortegon does not know how to pronounce her words!



How can one enter the field of broadcast journalism and not know how to pronounce any word in an English dictionary? It just baffles me! On Saturday morning Ms.Ortegon mispronounced the word “tracheotomy”. The way she pronounced this word made me palm my greasy face for about ten minutes. Now I know that this is not a big deal, but for someone like Josie it really is. She pronounced the word tracheotomy as trach-e-tomy”. This is not the first time that she has mispronounced a word, and she is not the only one that has done this. Ashlie Rodriguez has done this numerous times. What Mr. Lovell needs to do is purchase a couple of “Hooked on Phonics” kits and distribute them to his staff. Hopefully everyone will be able to read correctly and no longer make mistakes that are expected of a five year old!


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