Anti Abortion Activists Need to think before speaking and protesting!

abportestThese people need to get a life!


For years I have been trying to understand anti-abortion activists! Why do they care so much about women and their choice to abort an unwanted child? Are they upset over the fact that they cannot have children of their own, and wish that each and every aborted fetus was inside of them? Or are they angry over the fact that most guys with half of a brain will not date them or f**k them? What is the real reason behind their protests and anger? I do not know! I will say this, since you anti abortion protesters are all about saving unborn babies, you should put up some of your own money and actually help support these babies along with their mothers. Do you idiots realize how much money is needed in order to raise a child? Another thing not all mothers love and adore their children. Why bring a child into an environment where they will not be loved or cared for. But then an anti abortion wacko will say, you can always give them up for adoption! True. But are you wackos familiar with the system? Foster homes, group homes, and the entire system is a nightmare! Why would you want to subject a child or even a baby to such a flawed and scary system, and years of physical and mental abuse? For every successful and happy adoption there are five adoptions that should never have occurred. Not all foster parents are properly screened, and the ones that do pass a background check usually have a few skeletons in their closet. So before you psycho pro life wackos go out and protest or murder a doctor remember this, you are no better than the dirtbags that are currently rotting away in a state prison for murder, rape, and abuse. Take care Wackos!


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