News Stories from the Past:Jasmine Cruz aka Mrs.Ben Swann and her brief stint at KFOX TV!

imageOh yes!  If you have been viewing KFOX TV for the past seven to eight years, then you will most definitely remember Jasmine Cruz. In November of 2006, the lovely and awesome Janice Carpio left KFOX for a career at WOAI TV in San Antonio. Her departure left an opening for a weekend weather girl/metereologist. Before Jasmine’s arrival, Peter Daut was performing the role of weekend anchor and the role of the sexy weather guy. I cannot recall the exact date that Jasmine began working for KFOX, she might have started right around mid November of 2006. Anyway, her first night on air was very memorable, but for all of the wrong reasons! The second she appeared on my TV screen, I realized that she was filled with the fear of God or some spirit(evil or go0d). You could literally see sweat exiting the pores of her forehead. Her hands along with her arms were somewhat trembling, and every word was interrupted by a stutter or a break. Jasmine’s peformance was so bad that someone cut to a commercial break. The following day Jasmine gave the same performance, with a little bit of help from Peter Daut. While observing Jasmine I realized that her anxiety became worse when she would sit next to Peter. It might be safe to assume that Jasmine liked Peter. Who knows if Peter liked her or if Peter even liked women for that matter. So for the next two months Jasmine consistently made mistakes and continued to fill the studio with her sweat.

By January of 2007 Jasmine Cruz was no longer working for KFOX. Was she fired or did she leave on her own? I do not know. For the next few years I wondered as to what had happened to Jasmine. Sometime around late 2009 or early 2010, I was viewing the Places and Faces section on the El Paso Times website. After viewing a few pics, good ole Jasmine Cruz shows up in one of them. Standing right next to her is mega douche Ben Swann. The description at the bottom of the pic read “Ben and Jasmine Swann attend some shitty event no one cares about!” “So that is how Jasmine got a job at KFOX! Mr.Swann put in a word or two for her” is what I said after viewing that pic. It all makes sense to me now! She was only hired due to the fact that she was Ben’s fiance. At the time that Jasmine was hired Ben had just left KFOX for a career in who knows what. I think he was doing public relations work for KSCE. So the saying it is not what you know but who you know is appearently true! Damn!


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