Kandolite(Kan-dull) Flores is not El Paso’s Daughter or the Daughter of El Paso or vice versa!

How dare you Mr.Kandolite Flores! The daughter of El Paso title rightfully belongs to Estella Casas! From treating her mother like s**t at the old TCBY inside of Howdy’s in Santa Teresa to acting like a Prima Donna at dentist and doctor’s offices. Estella Casas has trully earned her title of El Paso’s Daughter or should I say bad daughter of the century! Oh and do not forget about her vanity! The use of funky looking scarves to cover a miniscule scar on her neck is another qualification for the title! Mr.Flores you owe Estella and the City of El Paso an apology for your blasphemy! How could you ever consider Kandolite the daughter of El Paso, when all she did was work for KFOX(munching on Lez O’Hara) for two years and is currently acting as Betty Hoover’s whipping girl! Oh yeah wearing huge white pearls and a bright pink dress and constantly flipping and playing with your hair when you walk into a Food City grocery store is also not a qualification! What is wrong with you sir! With all due respect, you need to think before you speak! If you do not apologize to Estella ASAP, she will force her collection of scarves down your throat or she will command you to remove all of her makeup with your slick tongue. Remember if you mess with Estella, you will most definitely get the hor…. I mean scarves. I should know! Estella almost socked me in the face with a scarf a few years ago! Luckily for me all I had to do was just tell her how great she is behind a plywood desk reading a teleprompter filled with poorly written news. Peace and love to you and yours! Bye!


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