The Infamous Highway to Heaven Donut Episode!


Angels? Donuts? Fat Chicks? What do all three of these things have in common? These three things could be found in an episode titled “Friends” from the series Highway to Heaven! For the record, when Highway to Heaven was in production, I was still a small child. By the time HTH was approaching the end, I was only five years old. A few nights ago, I was watching the infamous Donut episode. This episode has become well known on You Tube and on IMDB. That is how I found out about it. The episode centers on a fat girl that has a crush on some jock buttpipe. Anyway, she decides to go on the Atkins diet or was it the South Beach diet? I cannot recall. So she slowly starts losing pounds, just so Mr.Jock Buttpipe can hit on her in the most sleezy way possible. Somehow Jonathan is able to give Mrs.Dount a tutoring job afterschool. Mrs.Donut eventually tutors Mr.Jock, so he can be all that he can be on the football field. Mr.Jock is able to grasp Algebra after a few tutoring sessions with Mrs.Donut. The popular slutty hot chicks take notice of Mr.Jock and Mrs.Donut and their tutoring sessions. One of the slutty hot chicks becomes insanely jealous of Mrs.Donut and Mr.Jock’s educational rendezvous. Slutty hot chick #1 decides to pull a Carrie(1977 version not the horrible 98 or 2013 remake) on Mrs.Donut. I do not want to spoil this episode for those that have not seen it, but the hot slutty chicks do not pour blood all over Mrs.Donut. Lets just say that they embarrass her with an unflattering bathing suit. After being humiliated in front of Mr.Jock and the slutty slut crew, Donut runs to her car and drives to a Winchell Donuts. She orders ten boxes of the Winchell’s special. The special for that night is a mayo filled donut with barbeque sauce glaze. As she is impatiently waiting for her treats, Jonathan arrives in his weirdo Ford LTD being driven by the sexy and hairy Mark played by Victor French. An epic fight ensues, and all ten boxes of donuts are flung and scattered all over the interior of the gross and greasy Winchell’s. Donut breaks down and starts crying for about two minutes. Jonathan comforts Donut and tells her that in the year 2005, chicks that look like her and Rosie O’Donnell will be very popular among black guys with criminal records. Donut cheers up and decides to visit Mr.Jock at his house. Mr.Jock and Donut have a deep discussion about Algebra and Prez Reagan(Remember it is the 1980s). Mr.Jock begins to fall in love with Donut, and they date for a few years. Donut becomes pregnant with her first child, and he is named Krispy Brownie. Mr.Jock and Donut live happily ever after.

So to be honest with you, I did not find this episode to be all that funny. There are other episodes of HTH that are funnier than this episode. The fact that this episode focused on a plus size woman with an eating problem was very taboo for the time. At the time everybody was obsessed with coke, aerobics, and MTV. Hardly anyone talked about being fat or even fat chicks for that matter. The script, directing, and editing were done very well by Mr.Landon and his early 80s era mullet. If you have not seen this episode, then you need to see it right now! Well I will refrain from commenting any further on this episode. Thanks!


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