Robin Roberts and her Coming Out of the Closet!

I really am proud of Robin coming out of the closet after so many years. Now here is my question, when will other local and national news anchors and reporters follow suit? There are so many news holes in the closet that it is not funny anymore! What news stations really need is a flamboyantly gay anchor or reporter. Someone so gay that even Liberache would look like Arnold Schwarznegger in comparison. If more stations were to do this, you know and I know that ratings would reach an all time high! Anyway here is a list of anchors and reporters that I suspect are gay.

National News:

Linsey Davis

Brandi Hitt

Hoda Kotb

Lisa Myers

Willie Geist

Gayle King(Oprah’s Lover)

Suzanne Malveaux

New GMA Weekend Weather Guy(Not Sam Champion, we all knew he was gay eons ago!)

Local News:

Coming Soon!


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