Listening to FM radio is comparable to Torture!

trashcanFM Radio needs to be placed into a trash can or a dumpster.


From hearing the same songs being played every hour to radio DJs with fake voices and fake pranks/bits, these are a few reasons as to why I no longer listen to the radio. If you do not believe that FM radio is ear torture, then turn your radio on right now! You will most definitely turn it off after one minute. Do yourself a favor and plug in your cell phone or media player directly into your car or home stereo and call it a day. What else can I say about radio?



    1. There really is not much to say or write about Jaimee Leigh. Her arrests are public record. Do your own research. As far as I can remember most of the charges were dismissed. Anyway, how long was Jaimee in El Paso? One minute?

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