Killer Women=Killer Crap!

Do you remember the days when major TV networks made quality programming? I remember during the 80s,90s, and early 00s, you could always find something entertaining and well written on all four major networks. In 2014 searching for a quality TV show is harder than taking the SAT with a hangover. A few weeks ago a show titled “Killer Women” premiered on the ABC network. Normally,  cable/satellite TV is where I like to spend some of my time. So what possesed me to watch a major network TV show? Curiosity and the fact that Sofia Vergara is one of five or six producers of this show. Well at this point I have viewed the first two episodes of the season. So after viewing these episodes, the decision to stop viewing the show has already been made. This is definitely not the worst show or the best TV show I have laid my eyes upon, but it is a poorly written and directed show. The talent is there, but what can talented actors do with a crappy script and a bad director? Not much. If you do not believe that this show is bad, then just read a synopsis of this show on IMDB or on the official ABC website. If you are in the mood to watch a law procedural take a look at “Justified” or even “Longmire”. What else do I have to say about this show? Here are three words that perfectly summarize this show CHEESY SOAP OPERA! Peace!


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