Assenio Hall owes an Apology to Vanilla Ice!

I said it! Arsenio Hall owes an apology to Mr.Van Winkle. How could you embarass an up and coming rapper who was just trying to make money! What makes me laugh is that Vanilla wasn’t the only rapper to lie about his background. At the time there were a lot of so called street/gangster crappers that were softer than a piece of cotton. Almost every crapper since 1985 has lied about his or her background. Take a look at N.W.A. The only real street guy in that group was Eazy-E. Dr.Dre, Ice Cube, and Ren came from nice families, and were far from real street niggas. Poor Vanilla was only outed due to his skin color. If anybody remembers the interview, Assenio treated Vanilla as if he was one of his gay prostitutes. If you do not believe me, then pay a visit to YouTube and search for it. Why is it that Assenio never outed other crappers? Skin color! I swear Assenio has to be one of the biggest closeted racists on TV right now. How in the blue hell was he able to stay on air for more than a year back in the late 80s? 


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