Thalia was given a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Really?

Who decided that it would be a great idea to give Thalia a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Tommy Mottola and his large bank account? You know and I know that Tommy bought Thalia that star because he probably cheated on Thalia. Anyway, Thalia’s resume is hardly impressive. A majority of her work consists of Mexican telenovela acting, and singing crappy spanish pop songs. From what I could gather she only appeared in seven telenovelas and one movie. How does this qualify a person for a Hollywood star? Hell, she doesn’t even qualify for a star on the Mexican walk of fame! If you ask the average American as to who Thalia is, that person will probably give you a puzzled look. For the record, Thalia does not deserve a star in Hollywood! The only thing that she deserves is a tattoo of her face on Tommy Mottola’s big fat gut or on his hairy smelly ass!


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