The things that people search for on my Site!

This site has been up and running since early 2012. Since that time I have written about a number of things ranging from crappy deaprtment stores to local news people and their bad hair. Today I have decided to write about the things that my visitors search for on this site. One person that people love to search for is Lissette Garcia. For the record, Lissette left El Paso sometime around May of this year. What is it that you guys are hoping to find on Ms.Garcia? Naked pictures or crotch shots? You weirdos need to get over her A.S.A.P. She is never returning to this beautiful city that is adorned with cheap bargain bin lights! This second most popular search term was typed into the search field a few times. “Jacqueline Crea Pics”. You will not find pictures of Jackie Crea or her “butt” on The City Workshop! The last time I checked, Jackie did not have much of a bottom. Chrisdyann Uribe is the third most popular search term. Chrisdyann Uribe has a Twitter along with a Facebook page. If you would like to see some pics of Chrisdyann then do a Google search on Chrisdy, and you will find her social media accounts. This site was created for making commentary on a wide variety of topics. It was not created for posting pics of local news ladies or naked pics of them. Peace!


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