Anoushah Rasta’s Sarcastic Humor goes over Monica Cortez head!

A few weeks ago Anoushah Rasta was filling in for Adrienne Alvarez and Keagan Marsha. Monica Cortez was filling in for Chuck DeBoner. Great. Well toward the end of a 5:30 cast, Rasta decided to have a small conversation with Cortez about some huge jackpot lottery. Rasta makes a suggestion to Cortez about purchasing an elephant, and how she would look great on top of it! It was obvious to not only me, but every other viewer that Anoushah was just being a sarcastic butt pipe with Monica. So what was up Anoushah’s butt that day? Was she annoyed by Monica’s presence? Or was she upset over Jackie Crea moving to a larger market? Who knows?


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