Why are Cable Companies Taking five Steps Backwards with their Equipment?

In the 1980s cable was all the rage in most American households. Every friend of mine had a black or wood grain paneled cable box resting on top of their TV or VCR. The top cable box manufacturers at the time were Jerrold(General Instrument) and Scientific Atlanta. If I can remember correctly our cable box was manufactured by Panasonic electronics. It was smaller than most cable boxes of that decade, and it was light gray in color. Well, once TV companies started making CATV ready televisions, there was really no need for cable top boxes, unless you enjoyed ordering pay per view movies or sport specials like boxing. As of 2011 this has also changed. Most cable companies are requiring their customers to use digital cable boxes/converters, even if their TV is digital cable ready.

So what is my opinion of having to rent a somewhat large box in order to view digital/HD cable TV? The only thing that I have to say is that having to rent a box that is larger than most 1980s era cable boxes is unnecessary. In a decade where most electronics are becoming smaller and more user friendly, there is no need for a huge cable entertainment box. Why not make a device that is roughly the same size as the Google Chromecast. Or better yet, why not just create a cable HD tuner app that can be downloaded into most smart TVs. Am I asking for too much? Let me know.


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