The CW News at 9 is slightly Improving!

I decided to watch the CW News at 9 today, and to be frank this is going to be my last view of the CW newscast. It seems that Steph is really trying hard to make this 30 minute newscast interesting to the public. But she is only making it somewhat interesting once a week with the “Out on the Town” segment. Is anybody else getting the impression that this segment is being done forcibly? When the first “Out on the Town” segment premiered last month, the only thing that entered my mind was “Stephanie and Nichole do not want to do this at all!” Especially Nichole! But you know what, they really are making an effort, and I do applaud them for that. The best thing for KVIA to do is to just place the CW news at 9 online on the KVIA website or on Youtube. If KVIA is worried about losing ad dollars, they can always use the YouTube ad revenue program. Just like Denise Olivas and her constant flubs, the CW News is not going to get any better with time. Why news stations insist on using the same old tired format is beyond my comprehension! Have a Good Night everybody!¬†


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