KFOX 14 hires another Traffic Girl!

Why does KFOX 14 insist on hiring traffic girls? Does KFOX truly believe that by hiring some dame to deliver the traffic, ratings will increase? Maybe? But in all honesty, why not have Stephanie or Shelton give the traffic reports? Are traffic reports beneath Steph and Shelton? Are they too good to give a simple one minute traffic report every morning? Who knows for sure. I know this much,  every other station in town has their main anchor give the traffic report. What the head or heads at KFOX 14 need to do is either fire or place Ruben Veloz on the back burner, and let Chrisdyann Uribe take over the morning reporter duties. I have seen a few of her audition videos, and she seems to have a grasp of what it takes to be a good reporter/anchor. She is not perfect, but eventually she will get better with time. 

Anyway, the new traffic girl is an El Paso native. Her name is Chrisdyann Uribe. She recently graduated from Texas State University of San Marcos, Texas. She holds a B.A. degree in Communication. Before attending TSU, she attended El Paso Community College for a few semesters. Before attending college, Chrisdyann was a track team star/member for Americas High School. 


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