The City of El Paso is scrambling for baseball stadium Funding!

According to various news reports, the Shitty of El Crappo is going to charge a fifty dollar fee for those people that reside outside of the city limits that want to check out library books. A yearly fifty dollar fee to check out a few library books? Are you serious? I would rather spend that 50 on a few digital books on my IPad. But seriously, what makes the Shitty of El Crappo think that most library patrons can afford to pay a 50 dollar yearly fee? Has Shitty counsel ever visited an El Paso library? Apparently not! Most library patrons cannot even afford to buy themselves lunch at McDonald’s. So what is the reason for this outrageous/silly fee? My guess is that the Shitty is trying to come up with more funding for the lousy baseball stadium. Another thing, the Shitty of El Crappo is also going to increase property taxes for each and every resident of El Crappo. Why? Well for the same reason that they are asking for a 50 dollar yearly fee to check out some dusty/smelly books.


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