KVIA=Douchey McGees!

Okay! Adrienne Alvarez was arrested this morning for kicking her gay husband’s arse in. But that is not what this post is about! KVIA reported on the arrest. Now I remember when Jorge Torres was arrested for public intoxication, not one station reported on it. If I can remember correctly only the El Paso Times reported the incident. So what is up with KVIA reporting on it? Has KVIA ever heard of the term bias? What a bunch of douche eaters!


I guess KVIA does not give two sticks about their employees! ¬†Especially their new hires! Anyways KVIA allowed or should I say sent Erika Lopez to Adrienne Alvarez home for an in depth exclusive interview! The funny thing is, only a snippet of that so called story/interview made it on-air on Monday morning. So why would KVIA send out Erika Lopez to grill Adrienne? Becuase she is young, dumb, and needs a job! Duh! Did anybody see Airika, I mean Erika on Saturday’s Humane Society Telethon? This chick has no emotion or an on-screen personality. Is she on some type of psychiatric medication? She really is a lame duck. I am not kidding about this!


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