ABC KVIA Report Card

2012-2013 ABC KVIA Channel 7 Report Card

Estella Casas


A good anchor with okay ad lib skills. The only thing that bothered me was her use of thick necklaces to cover her minor neck scar. I swear her neck scar is barely noticeable. You are so vain Estella!

Rick Cabrera


A good anchor with a good knowledge of sports.

Maria Garcia


Is it or me or does she come off as fake and corny? I remember making a comment about Whitney Burbank, and how she loves the camera a little too much. Well you know what, Maria has been trying to f**k the camera every chance she gets. This chick needs to drop the phony personaility ASAP!

Jerry Najera


I swear Jerry’s voice reminds me of an uneducated cholo that has just been paroled from a state prison. Other than this, he is a strong worker that puts 100 percent effort into everything that he does.

Krystal Klei


Likeable, professional, and confident.

Denise Olivas


Her work speaks for itself! I am going to refrain from making any negative comments.

Matt Dougherty


A few months ago I experienced douche chills after viewing a story featuring Mr.Dougherty and his late 70s/80s Mercedes Benz SL coupe. The guy only did the story so he could show off what his daddy gave him. After that story I lost a little respect for the guy. Who gives a f**k about an old SL coupe? I sure as hell do not care! Now if it was a Ferrari California Spyder or a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, that would be great.

Ashlie Rodriguez


Is that how she really spells her name? I guess Ashley is not unique enough for Ashlie. Anyways, she really is a great reporter, but in her mind she believes that she is God’s gift to journalism. You are good,  but you are not that good!

Matthew Smith


This young punk has the potential to be the next Walter Cronkite. Do not sleep on this kid!

Bob Harp


My gripe with Mr.Harpy is that every stupid story that is whispered into his ear piece is a breaking story! WTF? Not every story is a breaking story! I remember one time a Pitbull took a shit on a sidewalk along Stanton, and according to Bob Harp that was a breaking story? Okay. This guy is almost as corny as Maria Garcia and Matt Dougherty together in a room with 100 bags of popcorn!

Stephanie Valle


Stop eating carrot sticks and drinking bottles of FIJI water everyday! We get it! You want to look like a lollipop with your huge ass head and skinny body!


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