The City Workshop Local Anchor/Reporter Report Card for 2012-2013

2012-2013 Local Anchor and Reporter Report Card:KTSM Channel 9 NBC

Adrienne Alvarez


Her nasaly voice and delivery prevented her from earning an A. Another problem that I have with Adrienne is the plucking of her eye brows. She tends to pluck more from one brow than the other.

Keagan Harsha


His speech impediment has a tendency to get in the way, other than that he is great at what he does.

Noreen Jaramillo


Her sloppy style of dressing is somewhat distracting. Sometimes it appears as if she just exited her bedroom.

Cathy Hernandez


Has improved dramatically since her hiring almost a year ago. Cathy’s only problem is that she does not take certain stories or reports seriously. I remember watching Cathy do a live report a few months ago, anyways, right in the middle of her report she started laughing? What the? She has done this at least five times.

Jackie Crea


An up and coming true professional that has the potential to work for a network like CNN or MSNBC. The only problem that she has is that she is very self conscious of her upper area. One minute she has breasts the size of my head, and the next minute she has the chest of an olympic swimmer. Be happy with what God gave you. Remember you are a news reporter/anchor, not a Hooters girl!

Amber Downing


An excellent reporter, but an okay anchor. She has the same problem that Noreen Jamramillo has, sloppiness. Sometimes it appears as if she just left a bar with her girlfriends after a hard night. Her lip breakouts can be distracting at times. The make up crew needs to take care of that.

Kay Recede


I find her voice more annoying than Mark Mathis voice. She has a whiny Cali voice that irritates the poop out of me. She needs to work on her voice!

Anoushah Rasta


Another reporter that is just too damn good for KTSM.

Dan O’Rourke


A seasoned veteran that was not given any respect at KTSM. Was probably given the boot due to the fact that he was not “young” or “cool” enough for KTSM and their 10 viewers.





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