Pizza Patron Has Ceased to Exist in El Paso County!

Am I shocked over the closing of each and every Pizza Patron? No, not really. The first and only time that I ate a pie from Pizza Patron was in January of 2005. It was nothing special, it was a large pepperoni and cheese pie that cost around seven or eight dollars. This pizza reminded me of a pizza that you can buy at your local grocery store for a couple of bucks. To be honest with you, I only bought it and ate it out of curiosity. At the time everybody and their mother was praising Pizza Patron, and the fact that the company was using a hispanic characture for their logo. At the tender age of 21, I did not give two cents about a company logo or a two bit motto. The only thing that mattered to me was the taste and the appearance of the pizza. In 2013, that is still the case with me and most pizza eaters.

So why did all of the Pizza Patron locations close? Was it a lack of customers? Was the owner arrested for doing something illegal? Were the Pizza Patron locations nothing more than fronts? Who in the blue hell knows? All that I know is that they served mediocre pizza, and I will not miss Pizza Patron at all. Adios Pizza Patron! You sucked big time!



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