The KVIA Weight loss War!

There is a war going on at KVIA! And that war is the war against fat/weight! Yep! Your favorite KVIA female anchors are competing against each other to see as to who can lose the most weight! I am being dead serious about this! Ever since Nichole Gomez arrived two months ago, every female anchor has decided to cut back on eating, and go on a crash diet. Stephanie Valle, Maria Garcia, Whitney Burbank, and Vanessa De la Vina are shedding pounds by the minute. It is great that they are losing weight, but if they continue to lose, they are going to look like Karen Carpenter circa 1982. So whose idea was it for these ladies to lose weight?  Is it Kevin Lovell’s idea? Does anybody know? Anyways, all of these Karen Carpenter wanna-bees have a target weight/goal. Stephanie Valle’s target is 90. Maria Garcia is going for 70. Whitney Burbank wants to get down to 50. Hilary Floren wants to drop down to 100. Karla does not want to lose anymore weight, she already weighs 45 lbs. I hope that all of these news chicks reach their goals, and can stay alive on just eating carrot sticks. Peace and love!


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