Lissette Garcia is Long Gone from El Paso!

Yes. Ms.Garcia is back in her hometown of Miami, Florida. So why is she back in her hometown of Miami? That is an excellent question. At this point the only thing that I can do is speculate as to why she is no longer with KFox. I believe that she left for this reason alone, she did not like El Paso and the Mad Max appearance it has. Or she might have been fired. She had a tendency to miss work a lot, even more than Stephanie Guadian. Well I will tell you this much, she lasted longer on the job than Jasmine Cruz aka Mrs.Ben Swann. If I can remember correctly she worked for KFox for about a month. She was terrible! I felt embarassed for her, I really did. Anyways, if anybody knows the real reason behind her departure, let me know in the comments section. Peace!


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