Channel 7 KVIA CW 9PM News:A Review!

Who came up with the idea of creating a 9PM news program on the CW? That is my first question.  KVIA already has seven news programs running from Monday to Sunday. Is KVIA trying to steal KFOX 14 viewership? If they are, then KVIA needs to stop right now! For a lack of a better saying, the show is very boring or should I say unwatchable. You know what! The show is just terrible! I am very well aware of the fact that it is a new news show. But what is so unique about this news show? It is just like every other KVIA news program. There is not one new thing about it, well with the exception of Nichole Gomez. But other than that, what is the point? Why not do something different? Make it a full one hour show, and focus on other things like entertainment, local events, and on the street interviews! I really was expecting something different and unique. This show is nothing more than a huge let down. Do yourself a favor, and just skip the CW channel at 9PM. IF I want to see two thirty somethings give the news and weather, I can always watch the Weather channel. Even the Weather channel is more entertaining than the CW News at 9! Peace!


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