Does Karla Huelga enjoy throwing Tantrums?

So what happened with Karla and the KVIA Channel 7 9PM broadcast? Karla and Stephanie were suppose to be a 9PM team right? Now I am hearing that Nichole Gomez is suppose to take Karla’s spot? What is going on? Did Karla throw a tantrum over having to work during the week or something? What am I missing here? You know one thing that I have noticed about Karla Tantrum Huelga is that she has a temper problem. You can tell when the newscast is coming to a close. If she is not given the chance to give her quick weather forecast, she immediately develops a frown. Really! The next time you decide to watch the afternoon KVIA news, pay very close attention to Karla’s face. Another thing that I have noticed is that she does not have a sense of humor. She never laughs at anything that is considered to be funny or slightly humorous. Hey Karla, I have a suggestion for you, you should remove the stick that is currently stuck in your arsehole! Peace!


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