True Stories about Local News Media People:Nicole Ayoub is a BAD driver!


The Mercedes CLS 500 is not a coupe!


Okay you have waited long enough for this crappy story! A few years ago when KDBC was still located on 2201 Wyoming drive, I had the unfortunate experience of running into Nicole Ayoub. At that time she was driving a dark red Mercedes CLS500. I have no idea as to whether she still owns that car or not. Anyways, to make a short story even shorter I was in my Sierra Denali approaching a set of traffic lights located at the intersection of Wyoming and Cotton street. As I was some  feet away from the traffic light, that infamous red CLS comes speeding down the second lane of Wyoming. With the space between the front of my truck and the lights becoming shorter, Nichole decides to force her way into that space, almost hitting the side of my front bumper. To put it in even more simple terms, she cut me off! So the light eventually turns green, and she speeds down Wyoming headed towards the KDBC studios. She parks at KDBC, and runs into the building like Ms.Lighting. So why was Nicole Ayoub driving like a moron that day?  My guess is that she probably wanted to get her last paycheck and some free candy before KDBC closed down! Knowing what I know now about her poor driving habits, she should look into a career as a NASCAR driver! If I can remember correctly, this took place in the fall of 2009. To be exact, this event occurred in late October of 2009. I hope you enjoyed reading my crappy story. It is the complete and honest truth! Peace! I would like to add one more thing, how in the blue hell can Mercedes even call the CLS a coupe? I thought a coupe was suppose to have two doors? Am I right about this? Wait a minute! I am right!


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