Darien Long was arrested today!

Yep! It is true! Mr.Long was arrested today at the Metro Mall of Atlanta. According to various witness accounts, Mr.Long subdued a mall patron for no particular reason. Mr.Long stated that the person had been issued a verbal warning in the past. That warning was for the person to never return to the Metro Mall. The said person returned to the mall, and Mr.Long decided to handle the situation in his own style/manner. Atlanta Police arrived after the incident, and conducted a brief investigation. Responding officers determined that Mr.Long was in the wrong this time around. He was arrested and booked into the Fulton County Jail in the afternoon. Mr.Long is still currently in jail. His bond has been set at $2,000 dollars!

Well, the only thing that I have to say about this situation is that I hope that he can afford a decent lawyer. Mr.Long is going to need all of the help that he can get. Peace!


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