How long will Shelton Dodson stay at KFOX 14?

So what length of time will Shelton Dodson spend at KFOX? A few months, one year, or two years? I will give Shelton about six months, and a few days. So what is your opinion on this? Let me know! 



  1. I was really surprised to see Shelton Dodson left channel 14 and now part of channel 4 news; it saddens me that now an other great news man has left my favorite news station…he will be greatly missed. I wasn’t aware of his departure and I actually thought he was on vacation. : (

    1. Shelton never left KFOX. KFOX and KDBC are the same station. They are both owned by the Sinclair broadcasting group. Watch KFOX news at 9 and compare it to KDBC news at 10 and you will notice that the news stories are the same, The two channels also share the same reporters and weather forecasters.

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