The RESQ1 Vehicle project!

dtc-resq1-final-sketch-774x515The RESQ1 Vehicle! (image property of Discount Tire)

So what is the RESQ1 project you ask? The RESQ1 project is a collaboration between Discount Tire, JP magazine, and Source Interlink Media. The main focus of the project is a 2007 Jeep Wrangler JK. So what purpose is this Jeep going to serve? According to the project website, RESQ1 will provide emergency repairs along with tire pressure refills during and after off road trail rides. After spending an hour on the RESQ1 website, I realized that this vehicle can be used for other situations. Take for example natural disaster emergencies, an organization like Red Cross can use a vehicle like the RESQ1 to reach people in need of help. Local EMS services can also use the RESQ1 to access areas that do not have proper roads. If Dodge has any sense, they would create a few vehicles based on the RESQ1 and sell them to governmental agencies. Dodge could even work with Off Road Evolution, the shop responsible for the RESQ1 project. This vehicle really is amazing. If you would like more information on the RESQ1 project please visit the official website below!

RESQ1 Project Website:


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