El Paso has over 100,000 active Municipal Court Warrants!

signsPlease obey the signs in the picture above!


You read the title correctly! Over 100,000 El Paso residents have active traffic warrants. To be exact the number is 118,000. That is a lot of people! So what is the reason behind so many people not paying their traffic tickets? People will probably say that the economy is to blame. Well if that was the case, then why were these people out and about wasting precious fuel? A gallon of fuel is very expensive. To fill up your vehicle you need at least 45 dollars and some change. So let us not blame the economy and unemployment. The real reason behind all of this ticket/warrant madness is that most people do not take traffic tickets seriously. People often view traffic tickets as little insignificant pieces of scratch paper. When most drivers are issued a ticket, they usually throw it in their glove box or in a trash can with millions of beer and liquor bottles. That is the God to honest truth. A relative of mine never took one traffic ticket seriously until he was pulled over for speeding. When the officer ran his name, all of his traffic warrants were revealed, and he was taken to the county jail.

Now if you really cannot pay your ticket because of financial problems, then your best bet is to visit any Municipal Court location and inquire about any available payment plans. Here is one piece of advice for everybody and anybody with a vehicle. If you want to avoid traffic tickets, court appearances, and warrants, all you have to do is drive like a responsible adult! Obey all traffic laws, signs, and stop lights. That is all you have to do people!

For more information on Municipal Court warrants you can contact the El Paso Municipal Court directly at 915-546-2901.


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