Will NBC’s Deception be cancelled before the season is over?


I really do hope that NBC allows every episode of Deception to be shown, despite the low ratings that it has received in the past couple of weeks. If NBC does decide to can the show early, I hope that they will air the remaining episodes online. Forgive me for being negative, but I really do have the feeling that Deception is going to be cancelled. Sorry.



  1. Please Please Please Do Not Cancel Nbc Deception This Show Does Not Need to Be Cancled This show needs to stay on television air for more seasons and my favorite deception cast members that I love On Deception out of all this cast members on deception are Joanna Locasto Meagan Good and Julian Bowers Wes Brown and they are not bad as they seem to be and Joanna Locasto Meagan Good is a great amazing cop and she is not a bad cop as she seems to be

    1. Well the show was cancelled by NBC. To be honest, I lost interest in the show after episode 3. It became somewhat of a bore for me. I truly believe that this show would and could have done a lot better on a cable network like AMC or F/X.

  2. Joanna Locasto Meagan Good Kicks Butt on her show when she deals with the bad guys and She is Pretty fierce to when she deals with the bad guys on her show and she needs to make more television shows and I would love to see her kick butt more and be more fierce and that is what I love about her when she fights with the bad guys she deals with on deception

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