Deception:A Review of the NBC TV Show!



Where do I begin? To be honest, the last time that I actually sat down and watched an entire TV show episode was in November of 2008. That TV show was The Shield, and it was the very last episode. Well last night I did it again with the latest/new NBC TV show, Deception. I had no clue as to what the show was going to be about. All that I knew was that Meagan Good was going to play the lead role. So what is my opinion of Deception? Umm… After watching the entire first episode, the 1987-1990 TV show Wiseguy entered my mind. If anybody can remember this show, then you will know as to why “Wiseguy” popped into my brain. A lot of people have compared it to Revenge(ABC). I can see some similarities, but it really does remind me of Wiseguy. 

In Wiseguy, an agent by the name of Vinnie Terranova is given the task of investigating and infiltrating a well known crime family, the Steelgrave family. If I can remember correctly, a Steelgrave associate murders a fellow friend and co-worker of Mr.Terranova’s.  A cover/faux life history is created for Vinnie, so that he can go deep undercover.  The same thing occurs in Deception. A detective by the name of Joanna Locasto is recruited by her ex-boyfriend agent to investigate the wealthy and dirty Bowers family. The family is suspected of having a role in the death of their daughter. Detective Locasto was a close friend of this person, and has been given the task of finding out as to who killed her. I have to admit that the plot/story is nothing new or original, but the directing of this first episode was excellent. As far as the acting is concerned, everybody involved did a good job with the boring script that was given to them. Most TV shows have a tendency to start off with a boring first episode. I really do believe that if this show is given a chance, it will get better with each and every following episode. I remember when I first watched The Wire, I felt that the first few episodes of season one were more boring than the Real West Cinema. After those first few episodes, the show became interesting and entertaining. If Deception ends up on the cancellation board, maybe the Lifetime channel can pick it up. This show really does have the potential to be a great, if not an excellent TV show.


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