Real West Cinema of Silver City, New Mexico is going to Close!


The Real West Cinema as it stands today!


I never saw this coming! Seriously. The one and only movie theater in Grant County is set to close in January 2013. So if I want to see a movie, I am going to have to drive all the way to Las Cruces? Really? Here is the perfect opportunity for someone with a lot of money to create and build a whole entirely new movie theater in Silver! This is what Silver needs right now! Here is a piece of advice to whoever is considering building a movie theater, remember that it is a movie theater! It is not supposed to be a club, bar, or pool hall. The main purpose is to show movies! Six screens should be sufficient. Remember, we are talking about Grant County. Grant County does not need a twelve screen movie theater with a state of the art bar and stage. Hopefully someone can and will build a new theater!



    1. Okay, how about a three or four screen movie theater? Anyways, I really do believe that with fair ticket prices and a few proper promotions, a three to four screen movie theater can and will survive in Grant County. Now let me address your second statement. The main or should I say real problem with the Real West Cinema was the bad management coupled with an owner that did not care about his investments. The Real West Cinema was not the only movie theater that was owned by Mr.*******. According to Mr.******, it would cost 150,000 dollars to replace each movie screen with a current state of the art screen. One thing that you have to remember is that when you own and run a business, you also need to spend a little money to make money. A business is an investment, and Mr.******, failed to realize that. Thank You for reading and replying to my post.

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